Why is there no easy way to measure user experience?

The human brain is so complex that it is impossible to map an emotion or experience to a specific area. In attempting to distill a multitude of measurements into a single metric for UX, are we doing a disservice to our users and the insight they can provide?

How to build relationships for your future in UX

Whilst a portfolio is one of the key assets you'll need to prove to your potential employers that you can do the job that they are recruiting for, there are a number of things you'll need to do before anyone even gets to lay eyes on your portfolio...

The inherent exclusion of edge cases

Edge cases are talked about when deadlines are tight and bugs are found, but shouldn;t we be considering them much earlier than this?

The Return of New Adventures

How to Make the Web Better

Farewell, web safe fonts

The Multiple <nav> Conundrum

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A misconception of the em

The Parallax Effect

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