Wot I Learned from Dan Eden at Hey!Stac

As speaking now seems to be one of those things that I now do, there are some great benefits that come along with it, and for me, the biggest of those benefits is getting to hear other people giving talks.

Hey!Stac was put on by We Are Stac, with Josh Nesbitt acting as compere at The Faversham in Leeds.

Dan Eden, who was nominated for .net Magazine's “Brilliant Newcomer of The Year” award earlier this year, was first to take the stage on the night. I initially recognised Dan from said nominations, and a quick Google later and I realised I'd already played around with one of his creations, namely Animate.css.

The Itch

Dan's talk was exactly that, just a single slide displayed on the projector screen behind him, and he talked. And rather eloquently too I might add.

The itch to which Dan refers is that which resides in all of us. Not just designers and developers, but as human beings. The itch that something just isn't right, the feeling that there must be a better way, whatever the task at hand may be.

The vast majority of us will feel the itch, but will not act upon it. But those that do are the people the make things better for the rest of us. They are the ones that 'do', or as Josh Long would say, 'execute'.

I could feel the passion from Dan as he spoke, which really got me hooked on listening to his message.

He was always prepared. Always carrying his notebook and pencil for anything that may occur to him at any time. I got the impression that anything that created an itch would have been jotted down.

Wot I Learned

The next time I feel the itch, I hope this thought springs to the forefront of my mind, that I make a note of the itch. I hope that I can be the one that does something about it.

I hope I can scratch it.

And I hope you can too.